Commercial office cleaning

Most businesses in Houston need a cleaning company to take the task off their hands. Employers already have their employees with their hands full and cleaning is not on the list. Commercial office cleaning companies like DRD Cleaning Solutions come in and take the cleaning off your list of items to do. All Houston commercial office cleaning company is not the same, make sure you select the correct one for your business.

Commercial office cleaning in Houston
Janitorial and commercial office cleaning in Houston


Your office cleaning company must be able to adapt to your schedule. Some businesses need the cleaners during the day and other businesses need the cleaners after hours to avoid interruption of operations. Some commercial office cleaning companies in Houston only work Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Reliability in your commercial office cleaning company

An important item to consider is whether or not the cleaning company is reliable. You depend on a commercial cleaning company to do the cleaning for you, so make sure the cleaning company is reliable. Your team must come in the next morning to a clean office every day if your cleaning company is reliable.


Another factor that comes in when deciding on a commercial cleaning company is the cost. DRD Cleaning Solutions has different packages and adjusts to your budget. Before signing the agreement, both parties will review the cleaning schedule checklist and make modifications if needed.

Ample Services

All buildings and offices are different and have different cleaning needs. Buildings have 8 or 10-foot tall ceilings, others have 20 ft tall ceilings, thus dust is collected more there. Floors are also different, some offices in Houston have carpets and others have hard flooring. DRD Cleaning Solutions has the experience in high dusting, cleaning carpets and refinishing hard floors.

Personalized plans

Your business’s personalized plan can be unique if desired. Daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning service is available.

Experience in different fields

DRD Cleaning Solutions has cleaned banks, real estate offices, medical offices, schools, daycares and other types of businesses in Houston and surrounding areas.


Communication between the business and the cleaning company makes a difference. Businesses are already restricted by time, so the last thing you need is wasting time trying to locate your cleaning company to give them instructions or make a complaint. We are always ready to answer your questions or listen to your concerns via telephone or email.


Do not trust your investment to just anyone. Make sure the commercial cleaning company you hire has trained employees. DRD Cleaning Solutions uses the CleanCheck training developed by Spartan Chemical Company.

Cleaning company’s hiring procedures

Cleaning companies must be careful when hiring its’ employees. Our company performs background checks and drug screenings before hiring candidates as commercial office cleaners.

High employee retention rate

One of the strengths DRD Cleaning Solutions has is employee retention. We treat employees like family so the retention rate is very high. Make sure your commercial office cleaning company has this as well, you do not need a different cleaner each week.

Insured in commercial office cleaning

The commercial office cleaning company needs to be insured. DRD Cleaning Solutions is fully insured and covered for office cleaning and commercial cleaning in Houston.

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