Disinfectants than kill viruses

What kills coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Effective ways to kill coronavirus, what can we do? There are a number of home cleaning supplies that may be effective against the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 according to experts.

Not all disinfectants or chemicals are the same.

Even though COVID-19 is fairly new and not many studies have been made, scientists are assuming that what works against other coronaviruses may work against COVID-19.

Disinfectant chemicals are different, they not all work the same way. Make sure to read the instructions and label and follow the recommended guidelines.

One very important thing is the dwell time. Cleaners should not assume that disinfecting chemicals work immediately.

Applying the chemical know what the dwell time is in order for the chemical to be effective before wiping the surface in which the disinfectant was sprayed on.


Always practice safety and never mix chemicals on your own. Some chemicals can create deadly gases if mixed.

CDC recommendations

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has recommendations and one of the most important is to disinfect often.

Areas that are often touched like keyboards, phones, desks, countertops, light switches, tables, sinks, toilets, and faucets must be disinfected constantly, a few times per day, as well as soap or disinfectant dispensers.

The coronavirus can survive for hours, up to 3 days on plastic or stainless steel, 3 hours in the air, 4 hours on copper surfaces, and 24 hours on cardboard.

These numbers are amazing. Imagine the dangers when going to the store to get groceries. Just a few days ago the Houston Chronicle reported that employees from¬† HEB’s in Cypress and Houston tested positive for coronavirus.¬†

This is when the importance of cleaning and disinfecting by a professional cleaning company in Houston like DRD Cleaning Solutions comes in handy. Disinfecting will kill the virus and reduce the risk of being exposed to the virus. Make sure professional companies know effective ways to kill coronavirus.

If someone is having the symptoms of the coronavirus, it is very important to quarantine that person. Most people that have symptoms or tested positive have quarantine themselves for 2 weeks in order to prevent any chances of spreading the virus in case they are positive.

Effective ways to kill coronavirus at home, How can you disinfect at home?

Toys that are not porous can be dipped in bleach for 30 seconds and household surfaces can be disinfected using bleach as well, make sure black sits on surface enough time to kill the virus. A professional home cleaning company like Big City Maids is always preferred.

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