Clean floors will be one of the first things a visitor will notice in your office. Offices in Houston have many different floor types in commercial office buildings. Cleaning them properly and maintaining it correctly will not only keep them beautiful but will save you money in the long run.


Accumulation of soils (dirt, dead skin cells, dandruff, etc.) is one of the reasons why carpets need to be vacuumed frequently. Carpets are infamous for holding soils and allergens, however carpets also has its positives. Carpeted floors have great appearance when they are clean, soft, comfortable and help regulate temperature.

Clean carpet
How can I clean carpets?

Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

The most important thing to be done with carpet is vacuuming, this will maintain the aesthetics of your carpet longer. Vacuuming is recommended by Big City Maids to be done daily, especially in areas with heavy traffic. Not only will vacuuming eliminate dust and soils, but it will also clean carpet fibers that became loose from the carpet. Hot water extraction is recommended once of twice a year, depending on foot traffic, and how dirty the carpet looks. Coffee stains, red stains require a bit more work to be removed, but it is possible.

Concrete floor cleaning

Sealing concrete floors is the key to keep maintenance simple. When concrete floors are sealed, it prevents them from absorbing soils and liquids through its small cracks. A sealed concrete floor allows you to sweep, mop, or even vacuum quicker. A pH-neutral cleaner is a top choice, and avoid using ammonia, bleach or vinegar. Auto scrubbers are recommended for larger commercial areas for quicker and better results.

Vinyl floors

Vinyl flooring is very popular due to the price and vast options of styles and colors. This type of flooring is very easy to install, many styles come in planks that clip to each other of tiles that adhere to the floor.

How to clean vinyl floor

The most important thing when it comes to the maintenance of vinyl floors is the prevention of moisture. Water is the biggest enemy this type of floor has. When cleaning vinyl floors, use mild neutral floor cleaners. Please be extremely careful when using water, excessive water can penetrate the floor through seams and loosen the tiles or planks, destroying your vinyl floors. Regular sweeping and mopping will also give your vinyl floor a longer life and maintain its appearance.

Wood floors

Many offices have wood floors for a reason: they are beautiful and durable. Taking care of hardwood flooring is very important to keep the attractive appearance of the wooden floors.

Hardwood flooring cleaning and maintenance

Firstly, be extremely careful when using water. Too much water can cause irreversible and costly damage to wood floors. Water will also dull your floors finish and make it look less appealing. The safest way to maintain your wood floors is to apply a wood floor specific finish. There are many options to use when cleaning wood floors but stick to a wood floor specific cleaner. If you do not know which finish your floor has, rub your fingers across your floor and if smudge appears on your finger, then the finish is wax. Hardwood floors are very easy to keep clean, daily sweeping and damp mop is recommended, it will help tons with soil accumulation.

Natural Stone

This type of floor is extremely popular in Houston office buildings, it looks amazing and durable if maintained correctly.

Natural Stone cleaning and maintenance

Due to stones porous nature, sealing natural stone floors is very important. Bleach and ammonia that penetrate natural stone floors can damage your floors. PH-neutral, non-chelating cleaners are recommended, this way, cleaners don’t have a reaction with the floors natural minerals and damage your floors.

Cleaning tile

As far as cleaning tile is concerned, the type of tile will vary. Always use non-abrasive cleansers to avoid damage to your floor. Grout is also an issue, but there are options to clean your grout. Professional tile and grout cleaners like DRD Cleaning Solutions use tile cleaning spinners that leave your tile and grout looking like new.

Carpet and Floor Cleaning in Houston

DRD Cleaning Solutions offers professional carpet and floor cleaning in Houston and surrounding areas. We provide cleaning to businesses The Woodlands, Spring, Cypress, Katy, and beyond. There are many floor types and cleaning options, if you feel overwhelmed, allow us to clean and maintain your floors.