Clean and declutter your offce

Clean and decluttered office

You will save an incredible amount of time if your office is decluttered, organized, and clean. Spending a few minutes once will save you countless hours if your office is organized.

Get rid of unnecessary items

First, eliminate all the unnecessary items you don’t need. Get rid of furniture, papers, equipment, supplies, and any other items you don’t use.


Place the items that survived the purge in places where they actually belong. Important things are closer to you and items you don’t need frequently will be further away from you.

Label items

This is a huge time saver. If you label your shelves, drawers, baskets, and bins, you will save tons of time when looking for specific items.

Clean daily

In order to keep your office clean, give it a touch up every day. This way you don’t need to deep clean your office monthly or whenever it gets out of control.

Eliminate dust

Use a damp cloth or sponge to get rid of the dust. Accumulation of dust can create problems with allergies in the long run. Dust contains dandruff, dead skin cells, and other unpleasant items…things you don’t need to be breathing.

Vacuum the carpet

Vacuuming your office carpet is also very important. Your carpet holds many allergens and soils. If your office has heavy foot traffic, daily vacuuming is recommended, or at least every other day if you think that’s enough.

Hire a professional office cleaning company

If you are overwhelmed and simply can’t worry about cleaning your office, DRD Cleaning Solutions is a perfect option. DRD Cleaning Solutions is the best options for the following reasons:

  • No contracts, cancel any time. We believe in our work, so our customers keep us because they are happy, not because of a contract.
  • Personalized service, we will clean your office and focus on certain items if you choose.
  • Great communication is also one of our strengths. We will resolve any issues within 24 hours and are available to speak with you at any time.
  • Variety of services: recurring office cleaning, carpet cleaning, VCT floor refinishing, day porter service, and more

Office Cleaning coverage areas

DRD Cleaning Solutions proudly serves Houston, Cypress, Katy, The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, and beyond.