Cleaning and Disinfecting a desk
Disinfecting a desk

Disinfecting a desk

We are all now aware of how dangerous Coronavirus or COVID-19 is, but some of us still need to work in our office. It is extremely important to disinfect properly to avoid the spread of the virus. Here are some simple steps to eliminate the chances of getting COVID-19.

Organize your desk and items

Having a well-organized desk and work area will make cleaning and disinfecting way easier for you.

Make sure to remove and throw away unnecessary items. If you have items that you don’t need on your desk, there will more areas where bacteria and viruses can be on.

Deep Clean and Disinfection

Remove everything from the desk for a deep clean and disinfection. This includes all electronic devices.


Whether you decide to clear your desk or disinfect with your items on the desk, follow these simple steps and recommendations.

•Make sure to wear PPE (Gloves and Eye Protection)

Clean area before you disinfect. Dust your desk and all items

•Use disinfectant wipes on electronics, do not spray chemicals directly

•Clean and disinfect your mouse, computer, phone and cellphone

•Spray disinfectant onto a cloth and wipe desk and items carefully

Unfortunately, there’s many people who might not know they have coronavirus and have been to work. This is where the importance of cleaning and disinfecting properly comes in. The best options is for infected people to isolate themselves but many show symptoms days later or never have symptoms even though they have the virus.

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