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Everything is different now because of Coronavirus or COVID-19. The best way to keep your office safe from Coronavirus is to have a good plan and adapt to the changes. Number one on the list is to prevent the virus, but if there’s a confirmed case in your office building, then having the employee stay away from the office and disinfecting is very important;

First Assessment

The first step to see how your business is coping with the pandemic is to analyze strengths and weaknesses. Is your business ready to follow guidelines set by the State, County, or City? The City of Houston announced recently that facemasks must be worn in public places for example. Many Houston area businesses are struggling to stay open during the pandemic and spending extra on disinfecting might not sound like a good idea, but it is exactly the opposite. Having a clean and properly disinfected office will prove to be the right move in the long run and allow you to stay open for business for years to come.


Work-from-home employees are going to help to stay virus-free tremendously is they are taking proper precautions and following guidelines.

If your company is unable to have work-from-home employees, then all employees have to take care of themselves. Following guidelines is key to stop the spread of the virus. If they have had contact with someone with Coronavirus, they need to stay home.

To summarize, being responsible is very important to prevent COVID-19 in your office.

Worker training

Proper training will also be a key factor. Train your employees on how to wash their hands properly, wear personal protective equipment (PPE), to use the equipment, and chemicals properly. Spending one day on training will pay off in the long run.

Outside Support

If your employees are too busy focusing on their tasks, it is better to hire an outside company to tackle the cleaning and disinfecting for you.

DRD Cleaning Solutions provides office cleaning in Houston and surrounding areas. We take care of the cleaning and disinfecting for you, so you can focus on your tasks and not the cleaning. We will keep your office clean and safe.

Our teams have disinfected small offices and huge office buildings in Houston, so we are prepared for jobs of any size.

Adjust to the change

Times are different now, employees will have to wear face masks, will need to be careful when touching things, will need to wash their hands more frequently, and think about safety more than before. All these are changes that workers need to embrace and get used to for the safety of everyone. Remind everyone that if everybody stays safe, the company stays open, they continue to work and get paid.

Office Overview

Look for the following things when you plan.

What areas have the most traffic?

What areas have the most visitors?

What areas need to be cleaned and disinfected?

Do we have the proper equipment and chemicals to clean and disinfect?

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