Cleanest Airport in the world has been selected.

Clean airport

Most airports that we have been fortunate to be in have been clean although we have been in some airports outside the United States that did need some work. There is little or no surprise when the title of the Cleanest in the world goes to an airport in Japan. If you ever go to Japan, you will be able to see that even the streets and highways look new as if nobody has used them before. The Japanese culture embraces cleanliness, something we can learn from them. Not only do clean facilities look great, they reduce the risk of contracting diseases.

Cleaning contractors and crews around the world are focused on making air travel a pleasant experience for travelers. Providing the cleanest and most sanitary airport restrooms goes a long way toward achieving that goal.

The World Airport Awards have honored airports that do an exceptionally good job with cleanliness. This year, Haneda Airport in Tokyo Japan, received the coveted award, the European Cleaning Journal reports. This is the fifth time Haneda Airport has received this designation since the World Airport Awards began in 1999.

What is the secret to Haneda Airport’s success? Cleaning crews use similar products and follow similar routines compared to other airport cleaners. What may set them apart is the tuition and training each of the contractor companies receive on general cleaning skills and procedures. In addition, they receive training on hospitality and politeness from airline personnel, which leaves a positive impression on the traveling public.

Which airports have you been pleasantly surprised with and which have been a disappointment as far as cleanliness?

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