Don't replace your carpet

DRD Cleaning Solutions offers Carpet Cleaning in Cypress Tx that brings your carpet back to life.

We eliminate soils from your carpet and get rid of allergens and bacteria

Our carpet cleaning service allows you to protect your investment. Taking care of your carpet properly will eliminate costly replacement costs, nasty allergens, and bacteria that cause allergies to your family. The most common nasal allergy triggers are right inside your home: mold spores, dust mite allergen, pet dander, and pollen.

Proven 7 step carpet cleaning process

Pre-Inspection: Pre-treatment inspection to evaluate soils (dirt for example), spots, stains, type of carpet, and condition of the carpet.

Vacuum: Remove dry soils thoroughly with a commercial vacuum.

Pre-Spray: A pre-spray is applied to all areas that will be cleaned. This pre-spray breaks down soils and allows us to extract them easier.

Agitate: We use a professional rotary brush to further loosen the soils in your carpet.

Extraction: We will extract all and rinse your carpet using a hot water extraction machine.

Dry: We place high-speed air movers in order for the carpet to dry quicker.

Post-Inspection: Inspection of all areas to ensure the client is 100% satisfied.

Rotovac 360i

Cypress Texas coverage

What areas of Cypress do you provide service at?

All of Cypress Tx is served. We have satisfied customers in many subdivisions in Cypress. DRD Cleaning Solutions has customers in Fairfield, Towne Lake, Bridgeland, Blackhorse, Riata Ranch, Coles Crossing, Stablewood Farms, and other subdivisions.