Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Preserve the life and beauty of your carpet

Appropriate carpet cleaning will keep your carpets looking great, best of all, your carpets will be truly clean, rather than just looking clean.

Keep your building or office looking great

Appearance is very important to businesses, therefore clean and great looking carpets are very important. Clean carpets will be one of the first things potential business partners will see, so proper care is very important.

Happy employees

Don’t let dirty carpets distract your employees, even more, clean carpets will make your employees happy. As a result, your employees will be more productive.

Healthier environment

A cleaner office equals a healthier office. Properly cleaned carpets will reduce absenteeism, thus giving you more profit. Don’t allow your employees to get ill and miss work, due to poor carpet cleaning. Vacuum carpets regularly to keep soils, dandruff, and allergens from accumulating. Similarly, have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Improve indoor air quality

Even if you have allergies, you can still keep your carpets. Carpets are very good at trapping allergens, pet dandruff, and soil(dirt). Keep in mind that carpets must be vacuumed regularly and hot-water extracted for best results.

Avoid costly replacements

If you properly take care of your carpets, the replacement of carpets shouldn’t be on your mind. Regular vacuuming and extracting will be enough to avoid costly replacements, certainly saving your business more money.

IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets will be in good hands if you allow DRD Cleaning Solutions to clean your carpets. There will always be a certified carpet cleaner in every job, consequently ensuring the job is done correctly.

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Carpet Cleaning in Houston

We take pride in our work

We utilize a 7 step process to ensure the best results.

  1. Pre-Inspection
  2. Vacuum
  3. Pre-Spray
  4. Agitate
  5. Extraction
  6. Dry
  7. Post-Inspection

No commitment quotes

Call or email us for a no-obligation quote/bid. Prices start at .25 cents per sqft., certainly the best bang for your buck.